Marketing strategy: What is and how to do it? ✅

Some terms spread so fast that everybody starts using them. Many times without really understanding what they mean.

So when we talk about having a marketing strategy, what does it really mean?

The very idea of plotting a strategy gives the notion that it is necessary to plan. Think well before taking any practical action.

But A successful strategy is more than an early preparations. It also implies a company during the execution of the project. This envelops:

Define clear objectives

As there are many possible goals, and several ways to achieve each, choosing what you intend to achieve with digital marketing is the first step to a successful strategy.

After clearly defining what is intended to be achieved, it is much easier to focus only on the actions that will help the company with that, and have a notion of how long it’ll take.

So we can say that a marketing strategy only works when it has welldefined and shared goals for everyone in the company.

Communicating consistently

It is true that this requirement is important in any sector of an entire company, but what it says about a marketing strategy is important to reinforce that aspect.

Some still fall into the mistake of thinking that marketing means working alone with inspiration and creativity, but it is not.

There are many processes and structures involved in this work, and good communication ensures that all professionals do their best at all times.

Marketing strategy: What is and how to do it?

Follow Good Practice

Following the good practices of the industry also has an important role in the success of your strategy. But what does that mean?

Especially when we talk about digital marketing, everything changes very quickly. So whatever the issue, from SEO to Email marketing, you need to keep up to date.

That includes reading specialized blogs (like this!), investing in training and testing new possibilities according to what you see throughout the strategy.

Doing this will help you continue to be relevant, even if radical changes occur.

Analyze results

To know if the strategy is working in the only way is. Accompanying and analyzing the results of the work taht is being done.

In the case of marketing, that happens to analyze what we call metrics and KPIs. These metrics are relevant data on specific planning points.

For example, it’s possible to know how many new customers the company has. How much profit brought, among other information.

Then it’s just to compare that to the defined goals and see if the business is on the right track or not.

Essential elements of a winning marketing strategy

The strategy of each company must be unique, taking into account the public to be reached. The company’s objectives, available resources and a number of factors.

But, some elements are indispensable for any brand you expect to make of digital marketing, a weapon. Look at them.

Solid people

The buyer people are fundamental for a marketing strategy to work. These will be the north of everything that comes after. So, making mistakes in people’s creation would be a big problem.

So follow the steps correctly without skipping stages. Think hard about the questions you will ask your current customers and ride a solid person.

Don’t worry about creating a lot of people either. One or two (maximum) on more than enough.

Good marketing channels

There are many marketing channels you can explore, and the best thing is that you don’t need to choose just one of them.

The only rule is not to keep running a channel that you do not face seriously or that is not relevant to your business.

We can highlight the main channels.

Blog: The easiest and best known channel to produce content and gain credibility with your audience.

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and other networks are perfect channels to keep you close to your audience.

Video channel: Be it a page on your site or on a YouTube channel, the videos came to stay and are very useful for a strategy.

Email Marketing: Keep a newsletter is simple, cheap and super efficient to maintain your fans hooked.

SEO: Do not be deceived, Google can be an important channel of visits for your site.

Marketing strategy: What is and how to do it?

Quality Tools

A good professional needs good tools. Truth? Marketing is no different. And what is not missing are tools to help you in the day to day.

From free image banks to metric analysis tools. There are so many free resources as payments that are essential for your tasks to be done without problems.

Understanding the digital environment

Have you already had the unhappiness of coming to a place and seeing someone behaving in a completely inappropriate way?

That’s what happens when a company resolves to invest in digital marketing. But it doesn’t take time to understand how that environment works.

The result is to leave everyone in return, in this case the brand’s fanes. discomfort, and cause shame to himself.

To understand some rules of conduct of the Internet. It is possible to avoid many headaches and to ensure that the results are not harmed.

Appropriate Kpis

We have already talked about how KPIs are important when analyzing the results of the strategy. But you need to choose appropriate indicators to measure the goals you chose.

There are KPIs for sales, marketing, customer service, SEO and everything that is relevant to your goals. It is enough to choose and to accompany.

Well, that’s right, having a well-mounted marketing strategy. and to follow it closely is not optional. For those who want to benefit from the power that digital marketing has for business.

What do marketing professionals do?

To be a marketing professional you need, first of all, to have an analytical mind.

Metrics and numbers will be part of your profession and it is essential that you have familiarity with them.

The marketing professional is responsible for detecting and evaluating new business opportunities.

It is their function to develop a plan and a strategy to attract and enchant the consumer, spreading the message and the product of a brand.

You should always measure the impact and results of your actions (that’s why it’s so important to have an analytical mind), as well as being creative and innovative to find new solutions for your company’s actions.

It is also the role of the marketing professional to thoroughly understand your target audience. Knowing exactly who is selling their language and campaigns can be adapted to that audience.

It’s essential that curiosity is part of your profile. A good marketing professional is always looking for new world trends. And is kept up to date with the world of media and communications.

That is why the dominance of the English language and other foreign languages is so important. Because you need to always look for references. Studies and new ideas and do it only in your mother tongue. It can be extremely limiting.

The mastery of the various tools is also a great differential of a quality marketing professional.

Understand SEO, Adwords, social networks and be a master of Google Nalytics. It makes that professional understand their goals better and reach them.

There is No perfect formula for a marketing professional. The important thing is the focus, take care of the goals. determination and knowledge to achieve your goals.

Marketing strategy: What is and how to do it?

Statistics you need to know about ecommerce

Embarking on an eCommerce strategy will be much easier when you know the statistics related to this type of sale.

Each figure is meaningful, and with good analysis, it helps to better understand customer behavioral factors.

Customers and reviews

According to the information only 14% of the customers are willing to prepare a review without being asked. For their part, 29% of them will if the company so requests.

This is important if we take into account that 19% of consumers read the reviews before buying a product. Therefore, the following rules must be followed.

To include in the communication via e-mail the call to the action for the user to express his opinion, leading to the writing platform of the review.

incentivize him in some way. For example, giving you a free sample of a downloadable product or digital gift after a good review.

Users prefer a fully customized experience

88% of them express that they are much more likely to buy through e-commerce platforms. With the following features:

A personalized and interconnected system through different systems. Like cell phone, tablet and stationary desktop computer.

A system that offers you what you are looking for right at the precise moment.

Constant support 24 hours a day through chatbots.

The responsibility of the marketer, in this case, will be to provide each user with a close experience. Dynamic and efficient to ensure that you return to the electronic store several times. This is how the big brands are built and from here the important thing to accomplish this goal.

Marketing strategy: What is and how to do it?
B2B customers are much more demanding

That’s right, each one of them performs a search on at least 12 different sites before making a purchase. Compared to the 3 searches on average of an individual client.

Such data should be used to define the course of action to be followed in the Digital Marketing strategy. B2B companies know that their main assets are the recommendations. What is said about them in social networks and forums, and those influencers looking for products and services of optimal quality. Therefore, experience in ECommerce must be impeccable, and must contain:

Multi-format content with useful information

The relevance of them will mean the difference between staying to explore more of them. or leave the electronic store after a few minutes.

Testimonials from other clients

Indispensable, as each of the B2B customers. They will spend enough time to analyze what other companies have to say. Likewise, it is important to include the corresponding logos of satisfied notable customers.

Brand sites VS. General Stores

Surprisingly, most users spend the same amount of time on the websites of particular brands that in the marketplaces covering many of them. For its part, the expense is similar.

This fact makes it very clear that work for both types of digital platforms should be the same and lead to successful targets. In addition to the personal experience already mentioned, you have to motivate customers with one or more of these techniques.

Authentic Offers

Discounts offered should never use misleading clauses or any other type of improper practice.

Ease of browsing

Clear categories, load speed, CTA buttons in the right place and the overall content structure are synonymous with the best of experiences, which will be reflected in the conversions and gains.

Factors that achieve the closing of the sale

According to the statistics the main factors are the following:

The price: It is the main element in the equation. As it will determine the decision of 87% of the customers.

Shipping cost and Speed: 80% of users will decide to purchase a particular item. After carefully analyzing this data.

Discounts and offers in general: Determine 70% of consumer preference.

Therefore, the Digital Marketing strategy for ECommerce must properly combine this trinomial. In order to reach a much broader audience.

Previous ECommerce statistics are a determining factor in developing your own plan or making the necessary changes to the current. Customers deserve the best of experiences. And your brand requires it to position itself as a leader in its respective niche.

Marketing strategy: What is and how to do it?
Companies have doubled efforts in content marketing

As the statistics on content marketing point out. Companies have not only seen their potential, but have also decided to double their efforts to optimize their strategies.

Chances are that when you work your content strategies you begin to notice results. And it will be precisely these that will take you to work more and more the contents. Especially because well focused, will get great effects on your target.

But also, as you work through these strategies you will learn to avoid mistakes. Which means your results will begin to be more favorable.

Statistics on content marketing. They point out that only 55% of those responsible for marketing create a piece of content on a daily basis. and therefore, the opportunity to capture more potential customers is being wasted.

Taking into account the budgets that are allocated to this type of strategies. And that almost 70% of users claim that they work, their effectiveness is more than clear.

If you still have any questions about whether or not to implement content marketing actions. With the data collected so far you can get an idea about whether it will work or not.