Word of mouth marketing ✅ dominated the digital world

Word of mouth marketing ✅ dominated the digital world

The indication is the greatest means by which companies conquer customers. The form shoots the face of traditional marketing means in order to attract new customers and make sales.

Today, word-of-mouth marketing, the main essence of the declaration, dominated the digital world and every day you can get a friend indication through the mobile phone.

The New wave of mouth-to-mouth digital, revolutionized and survives strongly in the online world. And with all certainty, the best and most efficient sales strategy was only reinvented in the technological environment.

92% of consumers around the world claim that they fully trust the statement of a friend or relative, above any other form of publicity.

Voluntarily, people use this digital mouth-to-mouth marketing strategy without perceiving their primary essence, which is the indication.

For example, the promo code sent by friends where you get a discount for using it. This is a clear example of word of mouth in the digital world.

History of the word of mouth strategy

Before Understanding the growth of word-of-mouth marketing in society, it is necessary to understand the need for indication to leave the individual to the social community.

That’s Right! The yearning for indications is pervaded by human existence. Therefore, it is impossible to know when humanity made the first indication. But It is true that it has happened and brings results to the present day.

Biological Factor

The author John Jantsch, in the book Machine of indications states that: “There Is a small part of the brain, the hypothalamus, which, among other things, helps to regulate the desire for pleasure and, to some degree, its propensity to indicate “.

The need to indicate is even easy to test. Probably either in digital or mouth-to-mouth organic that you’ve received or indicated friends, right? This happened naturally or you probably received an incentive to indicate.

“The Hypothalamus likes validation: He records the pleasure in doing good and being recognized for that, and is the source of the need to belong to something that is greater than ourselves. This is the social motivation to make indications

Word of mouth dominated the digital world

Social Facts of word of mouth marketing

The biological factor helps to have a transformation of the need to indicate by a cultivation of indications. We Have indicated thousands of years ago, in a natural way.

According to the story, the act of indicating began still in the medieval age, when humans began to communicate.

Socially the word of mouth began with the indication of danger. People were reporting where they were the places of good Life strategy for man Sapiens, as well as places where they found good food.

Thus, from Word of mouth the society Esparrama its comments, issues, indications and all that is essential to connect with each other.

Digital word-of-mouth is an essential part of this connection act.

Auto Workshop

Many trades, for example, conquer quite profit from the indications by the tradition of their clients to indicate.

An example that makes it clear refers to the mechanical friend: for the clients of this service, a workshop of confidence is essential both for security matters and for the price in account.

That way, being a service many times of emergency, that indication is provoked by the one who needs the service. We Have The natural tendency to look for directions to friends when we need a mechanic workshop.

In Addition to receiving the indication friends will be loyal to the brand, before even hiring the service, just to tell their experiences. Of course, for us to make the indication, we also need to go through the experience as customers.

Probably, you should be reading that text at work. Do the test and ask some people for a workshop indication as if you had a problem in your car. See how that person was able to convince you that your workshop is the best.

The indication generates confidence, proves quality of service, facilitates direct sales for qualified candidates. All this happens because word of mouth directs the indication.

The customer went to the vendor, which is different from the interrupt marketing, for example.

Word of mouth Marketing arrives in the Digital world

If word of mouth always existed in society, what happened when that strategy of connection and sale began to arrive in the digital world?

It’S true that we’re tired of interrupt marketing. In the best moment of the film, or rather the most important news of the newscast, and even when we see images in Instagram. Suddenly it is in front of an advertisement or publicity.

The fact is that people are tired of these interruptions and at this time the solution is word-of-mouth marketing.

If my friend tells me in the middle of a conversation, he does not interrupt me and if he possibly will solve my need, since he knows me.

The truth is that the friend, with a managed share, manages to enchant much more than any advertisement. It Is then that word-of-mouth marketing dominates digital strategies to share information.

This is what happened with the following companies that started the digital word-of-mouth process.


When analyzing their entry into that world, I believe that digital word marketing was reinvented with the Dropbox.

Since 2007 the company wanted to get new investments, and that entered the word-of-mouth as a customer acquisition strategy.

The strategy was to create a benefit scheme for the incentive. Word of mouth marketing came into evidence when it was possible to perceive its impact on sales, from an invitation to the foot of the e-mails sent by users of the Dropbox.

Each Conversion of new customers the indicator, the one that sent the e-mail, received an extra space in their free storage, just to convince a friend to enroll.

Between 2008 and 2010, Dropbox conquered 3.9 million of new users, leaving 100,000 to 4 million users and growing to grow 60% per month.

Word of mouth dominated the digital world

Airbnb, a company dedicated to the “shared hosting “, is also one of those that stand out with the effective performance of word of mouth marketing in the digital world.

AIRBNB’s indication strategy stimulates the growth of the customer base in every city in the world.

The startup site specializes in hosting for international travel, and with its program of indications, has spread throughout the world to the wave of digital indications.

Its success by the indication shows that less than 10 years was possible master of mouth marketing in the shared rental.

By attending several customer segments, AIRBNB used word-of-mouth marketing to cater for all possible profiles. This meant offering thoughtful and different rewards for their customers, in compensation for the indications.

Where the word of mouth marketing is leading us

A good mouth-to-mouth marketing action is humanized, it does not seem to be a spam saturating your cellular device.
When A friend tells you a digital bank, for example, you know it’s him. And he trusts the recommendation after a certain dialogue.

In Order For The digital word marketing to lead us to the success of sales as they have been from the need to indicate. We must always be concerned with humanized strategies.

Being in the digital is important, because it is the current human reality. This trend means easy for your client. they are the channels where it is present, like the social networks that facilitate the marketing word of mouth.

And for the entrepreneurship, there is the possibility of measuring their indications and verifying the ideal form of other marketing actions that may help in the dissemination of their program of indications.

Word-of-mouth marketing is not only present, but the deepening of this strategy is a trend for those who are willing to dominate the market of the future.

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