SEO for Google images and increase the traffic of your blog ✓

SEO for Google images and increase the traffic of your blog ✓

Techniques to optimize your media content to rankearem better in online searches.
If you don’t know, you need to know. Especially after a recent change in Google. That can greatly increase your traffic through images.

With 1 out of 3 search the Internet for images of being. There is a huge potential for traffic on the net to be conquered on Google. If your site is prepared, your results can be unbelievable.

But for that, it is necessary to carry out a series of measures to adapt its images to the stringent requirements of Google. To help, we have prepared a complete guide with all the tips you can put into practice today. and increase visits to your blog or website.

In this article. You will learn why it is important to do SEO for Google images and the factors to take care of rankear better.

SEO for Google images on your blog or corporate website

We can’t lie: working to optimize your media files for search engines is tiring.
Is it worth doing that? is SEO for Google images rewarding and bringing benefits to your content marketing strategy? We think so, and we separate 3 excellent arguments to convince you.

is an additional source of traffic

In 2013, Google announced a change in the system of Google Images. By implementing a “View image ” button. If the user clicks there. It goes to the URL of the image in question, without having to visit its source site.

In the following months of that change, the general traffic of visits by Google image fell a lot. However. The company announced a new change that reverses the situation. Now there is no “see image” button which forces users to access the sites to find the media in full size.

The result is a general increase of 37% of the accesses by Google. Impressive, isn’t it?
With this new stream of people heading to websites. Anyone who can stand out on Google images can win an additional source of traffic.

SEO for Google Images

Help viralize your Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. It may not be true. But they keep incredible power in terms of viralization.
For example, image messages usually have a 650% greater commitment of articles only with words.

More commitment means more chance of content leaving. Increasing your online exposure.
But for this to happen. People need to find their images on Google. And that’s just optimization and a lot of work.

Reduces the loading time of your site

Even if you have no interest in conquering traffic by Google images. You can benefit from the tips of this article.

We’ll talk about it earlier. But one of the SEO techniques for images implies the decrease in the weight of the files. With lighter photos, your page is loaded faster, which improves the user experience. Being rewarded by Google.
IE working with SEO for Google images helps your site as a whole to rankear better.

Optimize your images to be found in Google

Now that you have understood the importance of SEO for Google images on your site or blog. The big question left is. How to do that job? What are the best practices to ensure a good performance of your images?

Here are some tips to optimize the classification of your images. Taking into account the factors that are considered by Google.

Image file name

The first element of the classification of your images still get on your computer. Even before loading images to their servers, the filename of them.

To optimize your images to Google. We need to understand a limitation of search engine crawlers. They are excellent for understanding texts and the relevance of certain content. Using an algorithm and putting in value of the keywords.

SEO for Google Images

Image legend

Subtitles according to images are read, on average, 300% more than the same text of the content.
This means that legends are excellent opportunities to engage their readers. And so does Google.

The browser itself admits that it uses subtitles to extract information and try to understand the image. Do you remember that the crawler can’t see you? Then any element helps to communicate to the robot what it has in that content.

This does not mean that you should insert subtitles into 100% of the images in your articles. But you must use this feature every time you try to rankear a specific visual file.

The secret to writing a good title is to insert information that helps to understand the content of the image.
Have the keyword that we want to rankear and complete the content of the article.

Alt text

All images on the Internet have an ALT attribute, which is used to describe the content.
This is the most important factor to do SEO for Google images.

Alternative text is used to describe the content of the image in question. It’s useful. Because it helps people with visual impairment (and they use screen readers) to understand the content. But they are also displayed when the user’s browser cannot load the image file for some reason.

It is also one of the factors that Google uses to try to understand an image. and its relevance to the user.
When writing the contents of the Alt attribute. It is important to describe what is in the image in an objective and brief way. Preferably using the keyword we want to rankear (but without excesses).

Picture context

According to Google, one of the elements of SEO for Google is the context in which the image is used.

It is important that the figure be added to your article in the part where it is most relevant. This is because the Google algorithm uses the content of the paragraphs near the image. As a context to understand the content of it.

So, if you’re talking about “better plants for the apartment “, for example it’s interesting to put a picture of one of those plants to contextualize.

The same image will not be very useful and will not have the same strength. If you add close to paragraphs about “vessel types ” or “Gardening tools “.

Image URL

Remember that when you mentioned the importance of structuring the URL of your website properly for a better rankear on Google. The logic is the same when we talk about images.

So. The suggestions we have given earlier are also useful when we want to rankear on Google images.
The important thing is to organize the URL of the multimedia files in a logical and concise way. To quickly communicate with the browser that it is an image and what is its content.

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