Metrics of the Instagram reports that will improve their results ✅

Metrics of the Instagram reports that will improve their results ✅

All the professionals and entrepreneurs who work with Instagram. They need to know that there are intelligent ways to produce content in this social network. The most accurate of them is to understand the metrics of the Instagram reports to use in their favor.

When you understand what is behind each number and what decisions you should take from that information. Their efforts in Instagram are going to bring better results.

To help you understand this data and transform it into content and strategies that your audience likes. That attract more followers and that increase conversions. Here we list the main metrics of the Instagram reports and how you can apply that knowledge.

After reading this, we look at the Instagram reports will never be the same.

What are Instagram reports?

The Instagram report is the set of information available in business accounts (commercial accounts or companies).

It can be easily accessed. Just go to the profile page. Click on the configuration symbol (the 3 horizontal lines) located in the upper-right corner. And then click “Info “. The displayed screen allows you to view the following data.

Activity: As your followers and users of Instagram interact with your profile.
These reports are a source of a lot of useful information.

But you already use this data to maximize your results? That’s what we’re going to show you now.

Metrics of the Instagram

Reports to improve your Instagram results

Instagram brings more than 20 metrics in your report, but before you present them. Let’s highlight what are results in Instagram.

The results in the Instagram. They vary according to the goal of the brand by having a profile on that social network.

Some examples of common objectives are:

Increased authority over an issue, more common among personal brands.
Increase awareness of the brand, Generate traffic to a blog or website. Generate leads, Generate sales by Instagram.

So each of these goals will have different expected results. That are going to relate to certain metrics:

Increased authority. Number of followers, number of interactions (commitment rate) and questions made.

Increase awareness of the brand Number of followers, number of profile mentions.

Generate traffic for a blog or site. Clicks on the links, commitment rate in the publications relating to new published content.

Generate leads. Number of followers, number of completed forms come from Instagram. And in the event of a change in product quality.

Therefore, the ideal results change because the objectives of each business are different.

Knowing this guide of metrics and their uses, always keep in mind what results you expect. This way. It is easier to reach them and understand what are the key metrics to accompany.

That said, let’s go to the metrics.

To facilitate comprehension, we separate them into 3 large groups: activity, content and public. And we add in each metric a “How to use the information ” For you to put that knowledge into practice.

Metrics of Instagram reports on activity

The metrics about activity. They are those that say how people, followers or do not interact with all the elements of their profile.

We are talking about the following metrics:

Followers: Total followers you have, quantity available on the profile page.

Interactions: The total number of actions made in the profile.

Profile: Number of people who saw the profile page.

Clicks on the site: number of clicks made in the link in the bio.

Email/log: Click Connect or email. If you have enabled these options in your profile.

Scope: The general scope of everything they have published in a week. And it represents the total number of people who have seen at least one of their publications.

Impressions: The general impressions of everything they have published in a week. And it represents the total number of times people saw the publications.
This means that if a person has seen 5 times their post, you have 5 impressions.

Metrics of the Instagram
How to use activity information

Activity metrics are very important. For those who have the type goals generate potential clients and field visits.

It is through this data that you understand whether your profile as a whole. (which includes power, biography and call to actions) are attractive. And a clearer idea of what your delivery business is.

In this scenario, activity metrics should be used for you to take the following actions:

Change the biography of your Instagram. You may have to explain better what your business does and how to get your service.
Move on to use or improve your call-to-actions in the Stories. In the posts in the feed and in the bio.

Use hashtags, geolocation and encourage your profile to be mentioned by the Instagram partners. Increase the visibility of your content and bring more people to your profile.

Put as much information as possible in the profile as e-mail. Number for connections and location of the company.

Ideally you take note of the numbers. Make the necessary changes and compare the Instagram reports to a weekly frequency.

Metrics of Instagram reports on content

In this group are the most important metrics of Instagram.

If your content does not appear for a good number of people. You can be sure that you will not reach any of your goals.

Use them to evaluate if what you put is in accordance with what your audience likes.

It is important to remember that content metrics are available individually for each type of publication. Be a post in the feed, be a Story, be a live.

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