Manage your Youtube channel with Mastery ✅

Manage your Youtube channel with Mastery ✅

It is no longer the news that video content is growing at tremendous speed. In 2019, 80% of Internet traffic will consist of videos.

Impressive, isn’t it? The most surprising thing is the fact that YouTube. It has in its records more than 500 million hours of video consumed daily.

This means that this platform does not lose anything for the traditional television channels. More than that, YouTube is one of the great phenomena in the mode called Digital revolution. And who is within technological innovations grows side by side with all these tendencies.

You’re curious to know a little bit more about the YouTube universe and how to start a beautiful job using that tool.

So, join us throughout this post.

Importance of YouTube in the digital marketing strategy

You can no longer talk about a digital marketing strategy without thinking about the participation of the videos. The audiovisual shows a much more vivid and dynamic content than a simple text on the page.

But you know what are the main benefits of betting on this strategy? People show up right away.

Slot in searches

SEO is the term for this action. The correct application of keywords. Meta description, subtitles and annotations help to elevate your video in the search channels. Generating a larger and more organic traffic.
It is a detail that many people forget, but extremely important for success.

Control and optimization

If you have used tools like Google analytics. You know very well the value of being able to verify the data on the number of accesses to your page. The duration of the stay and the regional control.

The YouTube offers a similar analysis. which allows you to optimize and show the areas of improvement in your videos. So it’s easier to create an action plan to keep what’s already right. and improve what he left to wish for.

Your YouTube Channel with Mastery

Help with the target audience

With a selection of the main interests, age and other characteristics. YouTube can define a target audience and target keywords for him.

It is something that goes well beyond traditional media. That that process wouldn’t even get close to being automated that way. It’s a great example of marketing innovation.

Increased Authority

Every content producer aims to become a reference on the subject he is dealing with. By creating quality videos and properly configured for the slot. Your reputation or that of your product only tends to grow. Helping to become an authority with faithful followers who trust their knowledge.

Manage the YouTube channel with Mastery

Now that you have understood the various advantages of becoming a video expert on YouTube. It’s time to learn valuable tips for managing a channel as a teacher. Then let’s go there.

Planning, defining objectives and KPI

KPI is a term widely used in Digital Marketing and basically. It means a way to measure the goals and actions that are working properly in your videos.

A good example of YouTube KPI would be the number of views for each video. And the total number of views on the channel. That helps you establish a much clearer way to produce and publish videos. which indicates what times and what days are most favorable.

This also helps to define the style of your channel. You can already see the videos that have called more attention and the reasons that have contributed at the same time. such as titles, thumbnails and the content itself.

Find out about your person’s behavior

Post videos on YouTube without knowing anything about your character’s preferences. It’s not as safe as trying to guess your future by looking at a crystal ball (i.e. unless you’re superstitious. It’s probably not going to work, is it?).

So, don’t stop doing a search to understand issues like.

The ideal average duration of the video for the person.
The kind of video that attracts more (with drawings and narration. Style of interview program with numbers and data. Only one person speaking in the camera, etc.).
The frequency and the period in which you usually access YouTube. And the type of content you like to consume out there (informative, video-classroom type. Entertainment, tutorial, interviews, etc.).

Your YouTube Channel with Mastery

Search keywords

Once you understand better what kind of content your person likes to watch on YouTube. It’s time to find out what issues are to attract her to your channel. And at that time it’s no more effective than a good keywords search.

From that, it will be easier to distribute the issues to be addressed in your strategy. And the shape, depth with which you will be treated by all your content channels, from the blog to YouTube.

Integrate company content

Apart from dividing the topics addressed in their contents, it is worth it. Yet integrate the entire strategy to increase your commitment across all channels.

This means that you will be able to, for example. Deal with the same topic in different ways on the Blog. On social networks and YouTube. and link them to the other in the content.
For example, when posting a video with a culinary recipe, let’s say. You can post the complete list of ingredients and measurements on the blog.

In the same way, you can create a post with a written step-by-step and then. Make a video to show how the instructions are made in practice.

Another integration is important to promote your videos on social networks. That links on them in the blog posts whenever possible and invites your audience on YouTube. To track your work on other social networks that the company participates in.

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