maintain personality ✓ with marketing automation

maintain personality ✓ with marketing automation

Marketing Automation is an incredible way to save time and effort when communicating with your contacts. But using a software to shoot emails is no reason to have messages that seem to have been written by robots. Personality is key in digital marketing, and this is particularly true of marketing email.

Having a message with a personal touch has a huge impact on any digital marketing campaign.

In A study conducted by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, 82% of marketing professionals agree that they have custom editions lead to an increase in the opening rate. Your opening rate is a vital statistic to understand if you are speaking the language of your contacts.

Unque Automating your marketing serve to save hours of work by sending emails, this requires some work to make sure that the message is done in a personal way, and that the content is of importance to the recipient. Note that only 1% of vendors, shown in the studio, says it’s personal has no impact on your email marketing campaign.

Hard, it may even be, but it’s certainly not impossible! Getting personal and having personalized campaigns go hand-in, because it has the same effect. The customer does not feel alone and yes as an important individual for you and your brand.

To demonstrate that automation marketing can coexist with personality, take a look at the following tips.

Tips for making personal marketing automation campaigns

Segmentation is key
Yes, your contacts are likely to have something in common-after all they signed up to receive your messages. But the segmentation is absolutely necessary to separate their recipients into smaller groups, it will all depend on their ability to guide their database. In The end, nor the best marketing campaign will not get to sell cat food for those who have dog.

At the time of segment, create characters-the hypothetical people who are a representation of a group of their contacts. It Is important to remember that among your readers there will be people at different stages of the sales funnel and each state of the funnel comes with certain needs or expectations for contact.

A person at the top of the funnel is not yet interested in knowing specific prices or uses, but general information about the benefit of your product. In contrast, a person at the end of the funnel no longer needs general content and yes specific: where you can buy, how much it costs, what other people found of the product.

Use your marketing automation software to take note of what your contacts do on your site (which messages or pages you visit?) And in your emails (where they click)?

It’S your job to make sure your emails meet these expectations and needs-which is simply impossible without segmenting the database. A great advantage of having a marketing automation software is that the software itself can notice in which Hopper Internet scenario each user is and classify everything according to their behavior.

With This, you can know exactly what kind of content this group wants to see, or what topics to discuss in their next newsletter. And that brings us to the second track-content, content and content.

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Provide Value Content

Once you have the segmentation of your contacts, use this to guide you through the choice of content. With certain people in mind and their stage in the sales funnel, it is much easier to offer their contacts a content that has been specifically linked to that person, making the message look much more personal.

It’S time to think about the behavior of the user in the past: a person who downloaded his e-book address on how to use Google Drive will probably be open to receive the content that explains Google Analytics or how to connect the Google Analytics for WordPress.

Having content that is relevant to your contacts is also part of being personal-shows that you pay attention to the customer’s tastes and preference. A person who visits your site to read more about the trips you sell to China will probably not be very interested in the content you are talking about in Canada.

If You receive many emails that speak of such a random destination, it is very likely that this person will cancel your registration to your database.

Once a person opens his email and sees a shoe he already bought last week, the feeling of personality evaporates: that person knows that email was made by a software, which was probably sent to all recipients and no longer Cause proximity between the person and the mark.

Use Personalization Fields

With the type of content that the segment likes to see, it is important to insert dynamic personalization fields. Things like name, age, geographical location, etc. These are data that will help you to give a much more personal touch to your email.

A very used example in the digital marketing industry is the subject line. As mentioned earlier, the rate of opening your campaign will depend on your subject line-and customizing the subject line brings much more positive results!

While your contacts receive a lot of emails every day, and some of these emails have a theme from “Happy Day friend, Lucy! “. Seeing our name in the subject, we have an immediate impulse to open the email and see what the message contains.

Thus, you use the information that the user gave you when you signed up to receive your campaigns, and raises the performance of your marketing automation campaigns.

With that, we have some warnings about personalization fields. First, if you intend to use the data that the contacts gave you at the time of enrollment, it is absolutely vital that you keep your database organized! Each column has a function, errors and data exchanges can result in spectacles.

Second, just having the person’s name in the email is not enough. What really shows that you care about is the struggle to send content that each one of your contacts want to see.

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Use a real person as a sender

An email like no longer serves. What you really want with marketing automation is to have less work, less effort. But all of this can have a disappointing impact if your contacts do not get a name-a person who is sending those emails. We Do Not want cold and distant emails from entities as a company.

Use someone’s name-if that person really exists, better! -To be the sender. With the passage of time, your contacts will become familiar with that name and associate it with your brand.

Some companies use the name of a person with a high position within the brand, such as the CEO. Others use the name of sales reps, so candidates may feel closer to the sales team when they get to the bottom of the funnel. This gives a name and face to your brand, and makes the customer feel appreciated.

When the day arrives to receive the email, the recipients see a name known in the Inbox. This adds a very personal element in your marketing automation campaigns. We All prefer to open messages from known senders, so let your contacts become familiar with the name of the sender, and resist the urge to change the name.

Always, always take a look at the answers

Your company needs to be willing to receive the opinions and comments or doubts of the contacts to pass a feeling of personality in their marketing automation campaigns. No one likes To be ignored!

Also, if you don’t see the messages the contact sends you, the contact will start ignoring the emails you send. The Ultimate goal of marketing automation is to maintain a constant communication channel with the customer, and communication has to come and go to be effective.

Once you see what your contacts send you messages, always respond to emails there is nothing more personal than receiving a response to an email within an acceptable period of time. Receive an email back that responds to all the concerns expressed above, solving any problems-this is incredibly satisfying for any customer.

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