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How to create a digital business. Digital entrepreneurship is a business model that has its commercial base in the online environment. Learn More about how to have your own digital business in this content.

Many plans to venture into the digital entrepreneurial spirit arise at the end of a stressful day of work. That certainty that if I owned a business, everything would be different. It always floats in the air and makes dreams take account of the thoughts.

The Digital concept also makes the candidates for the entrepreneur believe that the modality is much simpler to handle. Needing little effort and investment, after all, it’s all online.

Without a doubt, the possibilities of making an online business are tempting and can give substantial results. But it also requires dedication and studies, beginning to understand the market. What kind of product or service is more in line with the profile. The tools necessary for their management and what commercial strategies to apply.

To help with this understanding and a plan to realize this dream, we have prepared a complete material. With the concepts, the tips and the best opportunities to carry out digitally.

Digital Business Spirit

It Is Easy to conclude that digital entrepreneurship is a business model. Whether for the sale of products, be it for services, that has its commercial base in the online environment.

The big question is, with so many technologies that can be applied in this interval. The range of possibilities for creating an online company is sick.

An e-commerce is an online company. As well as a professional who sells their courses or other people through social networks is also.

Then, from the moment you start a marketing from the online environment. The digital entrepreneur is put into practice.

Its advantages

There Are Some advantages to investing in the digital environment to open your own business. Among them, we can point out the following.

Current Consumer Behavior

In search of ecommerce trends 98% of respondents claimed to be consumers of online stores. Almost unanimously by potential buyers.

Research on the use of Information and Communication Technologies made. It shows that 78% of people make use of social networks to interact with friends and companies.

That Is to say, the current consumption behaviour is oriented towards the Internet relations. If well planned. An online business has enough acceptance on the market and to promote its sales.

Digital Entrepreneur, learn how to create a digital business

Uninterrupted Sales and flexibility of schedules for the owner

Online sales can be done 24 hours a day, throughout the week. In other words, an online venture would not need the presence and performance of its owner. For the shopping to happen.

Obviously, in the case of physical products, the shipping and billing process will need to be done by someone or employee, but in general, the procedures that make the sale can happen at any time.

This Dynamic even allows the business owner to act in parallel with other ventures or work. An accountant, for example, can have an electronic trading of fish products after all, you can manage your time of dedication for each of your sources of income.

Has Low investment cost

Most online businesses do not require large initial investments. Physical structure or large workforce. It’S possible, even. Start an e-commerce with little or no stock of products.

Some consolidated companies in the physical and online market allow people to register to sell their products. In that case, it takes care of all the delivery logistics when the purchases are made.

Its Entire strategy reinforces that it is not necessary to make initial investments to sell its products. Just compromise your contact networks. and have them buy the products from the store through a vendor link. Even the prices practiced are the same if you buy directly.

It has No geographical barriers

In this offer of reseller, either in a business with own brand. Sales can be made for any interested party. And not just those who would go in a physical shop buy.

It Is possible to close a contract with specific carriers or to use the Postal freight services. For the case of physical products, even repassing the choice of which logistics service to use for the customer.

The Infoproducts are even simpler. As They are consumed online or by digital media. Not even that cost needs to be calculated separately, just release access to the content sold.

What digital business to bet

To Choose what type of product or online service To work with. It is important to understand the characteristics of each one of them, the effort to market them. And, of course, the identification that the entrepreneur has with that modality.

Among the best known, we can cite those who offer real opportunities for profit.


The Infoproducts are elements consumed in an online way. They Can be e-books, courses, video games, software, consultancies, etc.

To negotiate Them, the entrepreneur can be the generator of the content or only an affiliated seller. You Can use a personal platform. Or, one which intermediates its sale by a commission on the sale. To be simpler the understanding, see some examples below.

Digital Entrepreneur, learn how to create a digital business
Hotmart how to create a digital business

The Hotmart is a distance learning platform (EAD) that provides both Infoproducts marketing opportunities.

The first is when an individual has a knowledge he wants to market. In this case, a digital content is created such as ebooks, spreadsheets or video classes, and is inserted into the platform for sale.

You Also need to determine the value of the Infoproducts. Disclose to your interested public and determine how much you would pay the platform affiliates to do their resale. Which would increase the number of jobs in your job.


The Virtual Store and e-commerce are two other terms used as a synonym for e-commerce. But for the experts there is a difference for the first.

The store could act as a sales channel and showcase. But electronic commerce and e-commerce are more complete and contemplate the entire administrative process for such. The design and formalisation of business until your sales properly.

In other words, it is possible to have an e-commerce without necessarily having a virtual store. Just use other platforms, like social networks, for example. Facebook and Instagram have tools for sale that great features.

When We talk about Ecommerces, the greatest representatives are the most remembered.

But to understand how they can be implanted from scratch and by smaller entrepreneurs.

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