Product Description and category, the importance of your content strategy ✓

Product Description and category, the importance of your content strategy ✓

If you have an e-commerce. You should know what kind of information is essential to the success of your online store.
content marketing strategy .

In this way a good description of the product and category is the key. When It’s okay, you can bring a lot of benefits to your website. So investing time and money to make them becomes fundamental.

If you already have a content marketing strategy that runs. Know that it is possible to join these two points in your digital marketing planning. Since both are content. There Are Some techniques that can be used to enhance your success.

In This article I will show how your marketing content strategy will help your pages and category. Thus developing a unified plan.

Product Description and category = Blogpost

A Product and category page is nothing more than a page on the Internet. So Google sees with good eyes those who develop a good content. Exactly like a blog page.

If you already make a content marketing strategy with blog. It will not be difficult to write a description of product and category following the same techniques of a blog post.

Yes, a description is nothing more than a blog post of funnel medium.

Therefore, my suggestion is To develop a complete content, focusing on keywords. Scanability, meta tags, among other web writing techniques.

Be very careful not to exaggerate and lose the quality. Which is important at all stages of your content production.

Product Description and Category

Rankear for Product name –
content marketing strategy 

Have you imagined organically rankear your product and category pages in the first positions for your product name?

You would save with paid ads and also receive most of the SERP clicks.

And If you already work with the blog, you know that’s essential for the strategy. But that does not happen of the night.

Therefore, the use of SEO techniques for product and category pages is also extremely important.

As in your posts, develop content for the product and category pages. It’s a long-term strategy. So you can be sure you don’t rankear in the first few months. We Already know that SEO is a daily job. So focus on good practices in the same way as on your blog.

Satellite Stations

The satellite messaging technique is widely used and generates many positive results.

She consists of writing a main post, well complete, which we call post-pillar. Which is surrounded by satellite posts.

In The post pillar, we focus on a very busy and important keyword for our business. The satellite posts. which are generally minor and for long tail keywords. They must have some relationship and link to the pillar.

With This increase of its post pillar much relevance and, along with other techniques. It is possible to get to the first page and probably in the first place Google.

The big thing here is that the pillar pole can and should be your product page and or category. While the messages from the satellites can be blog content. All links to the main site.

This way you strengthen your product and category pages more and more. Making a network of internal links within your blog and e-commerce.

However, this is only possible after a wide search of keywords. To understand primarily what the intent of the user search is. Amount of search, competition, among other factors.

Product Description and Category
Blog and virtual store Structure

A content marketing strategy is extremely important for your online store. But, to make it work perfectly. You need to be attentive to the structure of your blog and your e-commerce.

Let’S start talking about your blog. Now that you have already developed an incredible product description or category. We can and should take advantage of all the traffic your blog generates. To bring the maximum possible users to the pages of the store.

To do this, it is essential to insert calls into action. Especially in the banner format in your blog entries on the side. And where else you can think it makes sense.

Don’t worry about being aggressive here. People need to know that this fantastic content they are reading is a virtual store.

The same thing happens in your product and category pages. The user needs to know that you have a blog. Then, within the content of those pages, insert hyperlinks to blog contents.

Analysis of the results

Now that you have already made an incredible product description or category. He does a joint work with his blog with posts satellites. Optimizes for search engines and has an excellent site and blog structure. It’s time to analyze the data.

One Way to analyze if your page is doing well is analyzing the rankeamiento. Check how your Google position is and what points you can improve to get better results. You Can use Google webmaster Tools or more robust tools like SEMRush.

If your websites or a blog came on the first page of Google. Now analyze the conversion rate in Analytics (or other scanning software).

Don’t forget that conversion can be influenced by many factors. such as user experience, freight, product images, product value. among others. So, you have to think about these points as well. The Product Description with certainty is a strong ally for conversion. But it’s not a miracle.


A good description of product and category can bring excellent results for your virtual store. Thus, joining your Content Marketing strategy will surely boost your success.

Do Not Stop following these tips to make your pages reach the top of the SERP and increase your conversion rate.

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