Content Marketing ✅ vs. Marketing in Social Networks

Content Marketing ✅ vs. Marketing in Social Networks

Digital marketing is very broad, and choosing which tactics to use can be difficult. In This article we will talk about two ways to bring content to your audience, and you will see which of them is the best investment: Content Marketing x Marketing on social networks.

Digital Marketing has many aspects, which can cause a crucial issue for entrepreneurs: what is the best investment for my business?

This question arises, for example, when we think of the growing public demand for content.

The consumer looks long before buying, and the companies understand that they need to give information to him quickly and completely. So content marketing is gaining more strength.

On the other hand, social networks have gained much importance as a business engine in recent years, and people use these platforms to buy their favorite brands.

And now, with limited resources and scarce time, you need to decide who wins this battle: Content Marketing x Marketing on social networks.

3 differences between Content Marketing and marketing in social networks

To Start our analysis, let’s talk about 3 important differences between Content Marketing and social media marketing.

It Is true that the goal of both is to attract customers after all, this is the purpose of any marketing tactic but the way to plan, execute and measure each strategy is very variable.

The 3 points that differentiate one method from the other are:

Center of gravity

The Center of gravity is the main focus of the activity, in what is concentrated to reach its objectives.

In content marketing, for example, attention is focused on the production of content for an exclusive site of the company, which can be a destination page, a blog or a news portal.

In the case of marketing on social networks, the spotlight is the platform you use, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other network.

Type of content

In content Marketing, content is created based on the company’s editorial standards. Size, format and presentation are defined according to the brand parameters for the site in question.

In the case of social networks, the content is adapted to the characteristics of each platform, and takes into account its limitations.

The format, size and form of presentation are standardized by networks.

Content Marketing vs Marketing in Social Networks


The objectives can be mixed a little between the two forms of marketing, because both are quite flexible at that point.

However, keep in mind that social networks usually focus on brand positioning and the creation of the audience.

Content marketing is often more “sharp” in this sense, as it allows generating demand and creating a generation funnel and conducting accurate nutrition.

Common points between promoting content in your blog or social networks

Now that we have seen the main differences, it is worth pointing out that these two forms of marketing also have some relevant points in common.

But Why is it important to know? First of all, to help you understand that two different tactics can be complemented and used together to achieve some common goals.

These are the points of convergence between the publication of a blog and the use of social networks.

Value Generation

In the end, value creation is the main goal of these two forms of marketing. Both Content Marketing and social media marketing need to be used to benefit customers.

This means answering questions, providing relevant information and keeping them interested in the solutions offered.

This Point serves as a warning sign that any agreement to invest in one of these ways of thinking about the attraction talking about oneself all the time, is going to lose money.

Strengthening the brand

A brand that has a strong presence in social networks and stands as an authority for a solid content strategy gains a lot of strength.

When deciding between the product of that brand and a competitor who do not make the slightest effort to put online, the choice will be obvious.

In this sense, the two marketing concepts are very powerful: social networks take advantage of “word of mouth” as few channels, and posting a good position on Google can give you the credibility needed to close a major sale.

Generation of leads and sales

In the case that blogs were already used only as virtual diaries of people who wanted to narrate their personal stories, and that social networks were already seen only as an environment to distract.

Today, the two channels are among the main tools for generating potential customers and closing sales that exist. Why does it matter? Regardless of the strategy you use, it will give good results as long as it is well made.

Reasons to invest in Content Marketing

Why invest in Content Marketing? See Now 3 reasons that emphasize this way of marketing in relation to the use of social networks.

The Environment of social networks is much more disputed than a page of your blog or site.

If its content is good, it will be easier to catch the attention of the public without so many distractions trying to steal the attention of it, as is common in the news feeds.

The design, the way to show the content and the size of each post are aspects that will have total freedom to define.

If you don’t like some patterns practiced out there, you have conditions to model your site for the public to consume the content of the way you idealize.

With the right tools, simply to test the reaction of the public and change what doesn’t work in a successful way, something that could never be done on social networks.

Finally, all the content you post, as well as the format in which you present it, will be yours.

It Is true that Google can change the algorithm and affects its ranking, but if you have other sources of traffic, this may not be a problem.

On the contrary, if Facebook tomorrow changes the whole of the site usage policy can completely jeopardize your success on the net and force you to formulate a zero plan.

Content Marketing vs Marketing in Social Networks
Reasons to invest in social media marketing

If The marketing content has its advantages, we can also highlight the high points of investment in social networks as a channel of attraction and customer loyalty.

It Is Worth using these platforms in the day to day on account of these 3 reasons:

Viral Effect
If you want the content to viralized, social networks are the right place to do it. The gigantic audience and the ease of spreading content, whether organically, is paid for, is growing.

The work will have to viralized content of his blog is colossal, work worthy of the media of the world.

What is known that by publishing on various social networks that are able to choose what type of audience will have contact with the content?

This is a great advantage, especially if you decide to drive a high strategic value content with a paid campaign.

After all, the idea should not be to reach many people, but to reach the right people, ie they will really benefit from material and see the value of it.

What do you think of using the same platform to distribute content and still offer customer support?

This versatility is present in networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that offer channels of direct communication in real time with its audience.

So, in addition to interacting with your audience in positions, you will have conditions to develop personal conversations and help them more specifically, both to sell and to offer a post-sale support.

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