Better ways to adapt your content ✓

Better ways to adapt your content ✓

Success with the marketing of content depends entirely on the quality of the material produced. This means that in order to maintain their market competitiveness. You cannot rest and let the importance of the contents fall.

The problem is, as the blog evolves. Many realize that it is becoming more and more difficult to get good ideas for new messages. Have you felt that way?

If your answer was yes, we have good news. There is a simple and well structured way of having new ideas to create current and relevant content.

In this article, we will teach you content adaptation technique. So it’s worth these practical tips on how to put this concept into practice.

In this article you will see.
How to get new ideas when you’ve already explored everything your person needs?
Why adapt content is a valid marketing tactic?
What kind of content deserves to be adapted?
Ways to adapt your content to different formats.

How to get new ideas when you’ve already explored everything

It’s been a while since you went through all that initial process involved in creating a blog. At that time, the problem of lack of ideas has already been solved. And you’ve seen the blog grow and bring good results.

But now it seems that all the key information that the character needed to know that they are already on the blog. In articles of all kinds.

Pause production of new content is not an option. This would only end the credibility you fought so hard to build. Create content that escapes the needs of the person. Just to publish something different, it would be another fatal mistake.

That’s where a “secret ” of content marketing still little explored by many, content adaptation. Instead of breaking his head to find never subjects. You can make use of the issues that have done so successfully in the past and adapt them to other formats.

And if this seems strange, to believe many blogs of great success. Like this one you are reading right now, you already do it on a regular basis.
But if you still need more reasons to consider content adaptation. That’s what we’re going to see now.

Ways to adapt your content

Why adapt content is a valid marketing tactic

There’s nothing wrong with content adaptation. This is actually a good practice in terms of content marketing.

“If you want to have impact, be prepared to say the same for a decade. “

How to say the same things without tiring people? Adapting the concepts to communicate the message in a variety of ways. Exactly as you do with content adaptation.

Thinking about it, we can cite at least 3 reasons to invest in this marketing tactic. Without looking back.

Reach New people

Each new content presents a business opportunity. Which is to present your brand and your message to a new audience.

In the end, it’s no use producing content without promoting it and making it reach the right people. Also, not everyone likes to consume content in the same formats.

So, it might be an article that has no appeal. A part of your audience becomes interesting to be converted into a video or image.

Reinforce important concepts

Some concepts are too important to be said only once. In many cases, it is necessary to educate the market. which implies repeating the same message several times in different ways.

To do this, there is nothing better than adapting the content. In this way. Your character will encounter the same ideas over and over again, in various formats.

The best thing about it is that she’s going to convince herself of those ideas. Without realizing that you are basically seeing the same content.

Optimize efforts and investments

Finally, you have to pay close attention to how you optimize the time and effort of your marketing team. It also means exploiting the ideas and themes defined as part of the strategy.

Is it that a single content in just one format is enough to cover a certain topic?

Betting on different formats to explore the same topic. It’s a good way to make sure your audience gets the maximum value. While optimizing the time and energy of the team.

What kind of content deserves to be adapted?

Before trying to adapt everything and any content that you have already published. It is important to know that there is a selection process to determine what you deserve to go through that repagination.

Instead of making a large list, with each type of item you will do well to adapt. It is better to talk about 3 broad criteria that will help a lot in your choice.

The types of content they deserve to be adapted to other formats. and published as part of their inbound Marketing strategy are the following.

Ways to adapt your content

Evergreen Content

Also known as evergreen content. This is the type of material that has a value at the time of publication. And they are kept after a while.
It’s different from a story, for example. That may become obsolete in a matter of days or weeks. It’s worth adapting Evergreen content, exactly. By their timeless character, they make them valuable for a long period.

Engagement Champion

Another important point is to concentrate the energies on the posts that had the greatest reach and commitment. Because that indicates that they were the most well received by his person.

How to find out what are these messages? Just look at the metrics of your blog. In Google analytics and see what the most popular content is.

Other ways to see this are.

(1 score) Author.
Search for the most shared and tanned articles in your social networks.

Strategic issues for your business

Finally, consider adapting the most strategic value to your business content. Those who are more able to take advantage of their results in the short, medium and long term.

For example, the content blog has a complete article on content marketing. Over the years, this article has already been adapted and updated sometimes. It is of central importance for the business strategy.

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